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Pre-Purchase Survey | Condition & Value Survey | Damage Inspection | Appraisal Inspection


Buying a boat without the benefit of a comprehensive pre-purchase survey denies the buyer of critical information to make an informed buying decision. The pre-purchase survey will determine if the boat being purchased has any major problems which would have bearing on the decision to proceed with making this purchase In addition, most insurance companies and financial institutions will require a current survey in order to determine if insurance coverage will be offered on the subject vessel and assist lending institutions to decide the level of financing they will extend to the buyer. It is recommended that the buyer be present for the survey.

The pre-purchase survey is a complete and comprehensive inspection of the vessel consisting of a thorough visual inspection using non-destruction inspection practices consistent with industry standards. The inspection includes but is not limited to inspection of the hull, above and below the waterline, inspection of decks, superstructure, fly bridges, structural integrity of the bulkheads and stringers.

Propulsion systems are visually inspected to determine the condition of hoses, hose clamps, belts, oil pans, engine mounts and other accessory parts of the engine. The drive train including the transmission, coupling, shaft, outdrive, propellers, rudders and related fixtures are inspected for damage or signs of galvanic corrosion. Fuel systems, including fuel fill, tanks, fuel hoses and hose connections are visually inspected.

Electrical systems including both 12 Volt DC system and 120Volt AC Systems are visually inspected and tested to determine their compliance to current safety standards as well as their operational status. Miscellaneous on board systems such as generators and air conditioning systems are inspected and operated whenever possible. Navigation equipment and other marine electronics are and inspected and operated. The general cosmetic appearance and overall maintenance are inspected and the condition is part of the Marine Surveyors report. A Sea Trial is conducted to observe and report on the overall performance of the vessel. This is not a substitute for a complete engine survey conducted by a marine mechanic. Any abnormal conditions observed during the sea trial are noted in the report.

On sailing vessels, the standing rigging and running rigging is inspected from deck level. Sails are inspected either while installed on the rig or in the sail bags, where possible to determine the general condition and age of the sails. This is not a substitution for sails to be inspected by a competent sail loft. Whenever possible, sails should be set during the sea trial to ascertain their condition and performance.

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